Conductive Bioplastic Yarn

Class Project:  27-505 Exploration of Everyday Materials

Inidividual Project

Date: May, 2021

Length: 6 weeks

After some preliminary research and advised by Professor Robert Heard, I wanted to explore conductivities in bioplastic yarn. I found a sodium alginate bioplastic yarn recipe and a conductive bioplastic recipe and was trying to play with bioplastic materials to make conductive yarn.

  • Sodium Alignate
  • Glycerin
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Water
Things Learned:
Hydrogel has the charastristics of being intrinsically conductive. Knitted hydrogel patch is more flexible and stretchable than a sheet of hydrogel patch thanks to the structures.

Future Works:
  • Experiment more with conductivities as the current recipe is in megaohms per square range.
  • Integrate sensing and actuating capabilities to create on-skin interfaces using hydrogel.